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      Home - About OLI - Memorabilia

      Looking back at history and looking into the future
      OLI was established in the 1990s and will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021. As the earliest domestic high-tech enterprise independently researching and developing functional cosmetic ingredients, OLI's achievements are obvious to all. With the assistance of industrial capital, OLI will definitely create a brilliant future.

      [OLI Memorabilia]

      • 1991Aug.
        The predecessor of Shanghai OLI - Shanghai OLI Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established
      • 1995Jan.
        Shanghai OLI Industrial Co., Ltd. was established
      • 1996Aug.
        Shanghai OLI was recognized as "Shanghai High-tech Enterprise"
      • 2000Jan.
        OLI products entered the vision of large international companies, becoming the suppliers of Avon,Colgate, Mentholatum and many other multinationals
      • 2002Dec.
        Achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification
      • 2005May.
        OLI's first Chinese invention patent 《Purification Process of Glycyrrhiza Uralensis》 was granted
      • 2008Oct.
        《Production Method of High-purity Glycyrrhiza Glabra》won the Silver Award of the 6th International Invention Exhibition
      • 2011Feb.
        《Skin-lightening Ingredients——Endothelin Antagonist》won "China Personal Care Products and Cosmetics Technology Innovation Award"
      • 2013Dec.
        《Industrialization of High-purity Glycyrrhiza Glabra》passed the acceptance of the Innovation Fund project of the Ministry of Science and Technology
      • 2016Apr.
        OLI lead setting up four light-industry standards including 《Glycyrrhiza Glabra(Licorice) Root Extract》
      • 2017Nov.
        OLI lead setting up the national standard 《Ethylene Glycol Distearate (Glycol Distearate)》
      • 2019Jun.
        Shanghai OLI won the title of "Shanghai Patent Pilot Unit"
      • 2019Oct.
        Enoch Capital invests in Shanghai OLI
      • 2020May.
        Shanghai OLI R&D Center in the Oriental Beauty Valley has been put into use.
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