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      Entrepreneurial vision:Perseverance, Innovation, Integrity, Leadership

      OLI is a continuously innovative functional cosmetic ingredients R&D and production enterprise, providing products and technical services for well-known domestic and foreign cosmetic companies for a long time. After Enoch Capital invested in OLI in 2019, Shanghai OLI has rapidly improved its business management and market expansion. In early 2020, OLI expanded its corporate headquarters in Shanghai and expanded its R&D center in Oriental Beauty Valley. At the same time, the production base in the Yangtze River International Chemical Industry Park and the Xinjiang extraction plant are also progressing smoothly.

      Our "beauty" business urgently needs talents to join. At present, many talents from well-known domestic and abroad enterprises have joined Shanghai OLI. At the same time, OLI welcomes new graduates who are passionate about the "beauty" business to join or apply internship, especially candidates of the following majors:
      cosmetics, fine chemical related majors
      arts, graphic design related majors
      online marketing and other related majors

      "Original, Live, Innovative"
      Expects you to join our "beauty" business!

      View recruitment and choose the position that suits you Recruitment position

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